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zzzzzzzzz let's try this....

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Is anyone else having the problem of all the posts showing only in reverse alphabetical order?
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thought I was going nertz.
so y'all gotta click latest post to see in order?
I thought I'd clicked something wrong and couldn't figure out what.
but my paws are too big for my mouse, so...
Yes, me too. I was so excited to see that Steinar had posted, until I realized the post was 5 years old!
So, how do we see recent posts? I can't figure it out.

Thank you!!! I thought I did something wrong and could not figure out how to fix it! You are my hero for the day :)
Awesome, thank you very much!
Look at you, Esther...all computer savvy! I knew bassets were smart, but wow!
Thank goodness...I thought something was wrong with my computer.....and I am glad Big E does have all the answers..she's not just another beautiful face:D
i got skilz

I'm pretty good with a bowstaff
(napoleon dynamite reference... sorry)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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