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Your dog's hobbies

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Yogi's hobbies:

* snorting
* parading around with things in his mouth
* protecting life and limb from the little blue heeler (Tater) who lives across the road when he comes over here to hunt rodents
* stealing kisses
* boxing
* sitting on the top step of the front step with his front feet on the second step buffing at anything that goes by
* showing his fearsomeness by standing by the fence when The Large Monsters (horses) are standing on the other side

Lady's hobbies:

* protecting me from trucks by barking whenever there's one within three miles of me
* looking mildly disturbed whenever Yogi snorts
* sitting extremely daintily and posing, just in case someone is looking
* keeping me carefully informed about the status of food depth in her bowl
* keeping an eye on me while she's supposedly sleeping
* sitting next to me whenever I'm gardening
* showing her fearsomeness by standing by the fence when The Large Monsters (horses) are standing on the other side
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Lily's hobbies:
Doing everything she can to get all the attention possible ...Her slogan "It's all about me"
Pestering her brother Gibbs as much as possible, poor boy.

Gibbs hobbies:
Hanging out, he is so laid back
Trying desperately to ignore his annoying sister, but being such a sweetie and putting up with
her "terrible twos" antics

I love them both so much, so different, so entertaining, so loving...

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Dudley & Minnie, shared hobbies:

1. Outdoors, running from one side of the house to the other as anything goes by in order to get in maximum barking time. In the process, creating/expanding/deepening the mud track that used to have grass on it.
2. Tracking mud throughout the house after every 'barking run' because we have a doggy door. <_<
3. Hound Wrestling!
4. Three a.m. barking. :angry:

Minnie's hobbies:
1. Being afraid of things: crinkly plastic, all dog toys, buckets, the garden hose, who knows what's next? :huh:
2. Meeting people who will pet her, which is basically everyone.
3. Sneezing on me. My ankles usually.
4. Hunting critters in the backyard, kills I know of: 1 garter snake; 3 chipmunks; 1 half-grown rabbit.
5. Hiding her treats/rawhides from Dudley.
6. Demanding to be petted by giving The Look combined with a nasally whine she has mastered.

Dudley's hobbies:
1. Finding and stealing everything Minnie hides.
2. Burying rawhide toys outdoors.
3. Bringing the same rawhide toys back in the house 3-6 months later, when they are "Properly Aged" and covered in mud.
4. Following Dad around everywhere.
5. When on walks, peeing on every bush that has thorns on it! :eek:

Dad's hobby:
1. Picking up poop. :lol:
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Josés is a simple guy... with simple hobbies:
  • Sleeping, preferably in sunshine
    Nightly ceremonial Parade of the Big Bone
    Digging holes to China on the rug
    Seasonal hobby (October through March): leaping on anyone's lap who sits down
José unfortunately is under the weather (I posted in Health & Genetics) and we are hoping that one day soon he will be able to resume all above hobbies.
Let's see.......Baxter loves to give kisses, do the Basset 500 at least once a day, steal socks, inhale his breakfast/dinner, pestering our 14.5 year old Lab :angry: , stealing BJ's toys right out of his mouth (another Lab) :eek: , and follow me every where I go! :lol:

basks in the sun out back
tolerates the doxies
back out in the sun
barks at a passer by
some more sun

Oh, did I mention she likes to lay in the sun?

Oh, did I mention she likes to lay in the sun?[/b]
Oh, yeah... Moe likes to sunbathe in the driveway. Sunny-side-up! It's indecent, the way he flaunts what he has for all the world to see! ;) Before his belly-hair got thick I used to have to sunscreen his belly (and other exposed parts) to prevent sunburn. :blink:
:lol: I've particularly enjoyed this post and Bianca has most of the same hobbies,
However--she REALLY HAS to lick off of her human any leg and arm cream or lotion-
face night or day cream
And--eat any kitty poop she can sneak by the human walker :blink:
1. walking
2. running
3. sniffing
4. checking on neighborhood cats to make sure they are still scary
5. checking fire exits and making sure that we are aware that his bell works
6. chewing library books and squandering his trust fund on paying for replacement books
7. emailing his sister about life in the big city
8. updating his blog
9. working on his campaign strategy for '08 (expect announcement of candidacy this month)
10. meeting and greeting future voters both human and canine
11. exploring local art scene and community gardens
12. learning about tracking
13. making people happy
14. squeaking incessantly
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Before his belly-hair got thick I used to have to sunscreen his belly (and other exposed parts) to prevent sunburn. :blink:[/b]

I just have to say that must be something else!!!!! Glad to know you don't have to do that anymore!!! :blink:
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