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Your dog's hobbies

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Yogi's hobbies:

* snorting
* parading around with things in his mouth
* protecting life and limb from the little blue heeler (Tater) who lives across the road when he comes over here to hunt rodents
* stealing kisses
* boxing
* sitting on the top step of the front step with his front feet on the second step buffing at anything that goes by
* showing his fearsomeness by standing by the fence when The Large Monsters (horses) are standing on the other side

Lady's hobbies:

* protecting me from trucks by barking whenever there's one within three miles of me
* looking mildly disturbed whenever Yogi snorts
* sitting extremely daintily and posing, just in case someone is looking
* keeping me carefully informed about the status of food depth in her bowl
* keeping an eye on me while she's supposedly sleeping
* sitting next to me whenever I'm gardening
* showing her fearsomeness by standing by the fence when The Large Monsters (horses) are standing on the other side
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Moe's Hobbies:

* perimeter patrol - several times daily
* alerting us to all who pass too closely (dog-walkers, baby-walkers, joggers, school-buses, delivery trucks, and garbage trucks)
* holding down the couch
* lap-warming (whoever is on the couch)
* barking to alert me when it's snack-time (morning cookies, after work cookies, before dinner cookies, and after dinner cookies :blink: )
* soothing our frazzled nerves by demanding belly rubs and other equally satisfying forms of affection (who can stay upset while fondling warm, soft, fuzzy folds of loose skin?)

Tally's hobbies:
* squeaking her squeaky toy endlessly
* following me everywhere I go within the house or out in the yard
* doing whatever Moe does :)
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Ike may possibly be the only REAL Basset here! :blink: The rest of us have pampered over-sized lap-dogs. ;)
Francis's hobbies: Sniffing every blade of grass at Millennium Park, smelling every single bush we pass, snorting other dogs' pee-mail, going back to re-sniff the occasional item he missed the first time, going to Grandma's (the cheese lady) for an occasional treat and last but not least, cruising around in the car.
Hobbies he'd like to develop include: hanging around the register at the dog bakery, hanging around the register at Petco and hanging around a bunch of toddlers while they eat lunch (they are such easy marks).
In Francis's perfect world, we'd live in a tent at the park and there would be an automatic cheese dispensing machine that he could operate with a nudge by his nose. :lol:[/b]
Don't you think in that perfect world, your tent would be more ideally situated in a kiddy playground, and that playground would have a hotdog vendor nearby, and those little kiddys would all be carrying hotdogs and not noticing the hungry Basset sneaking up from behind? I'm sure that if you consulted with Frances, he would agree. :lol: Go ahead... ask him! ;)

Once, whil attending Colonial Basset Rescue's Basset Bash for the first time, I was gawking at all the beautiful Bassets all in one place, only to turn around just in time to see Moe about to snatch a little guy's hotdog right out of his unsuspecting little hands. Quick-thinking and an even quicker yank on his leash saved that little guy's lunch. Moe's look of disappointment was comical. :lol: Later that day Moe ended up with his own hotdog and he didn't have to steal it!

:) :) :)
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Oh, did I mention she likes to lay in the sun?[/b]
Oh, yeah... Moe likes to sunbathe in the driveway. Sunny-side-up! It's indecent, the way he flaunts what he has for all the world to see! ;) Before his belly-hair got thick I used to have to sunscreen his belly (and other exposed parts) to prevent sunburn. :blink:
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