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Your dog's hobbies

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Yogi's hobbies:

* snorting
* parading around with things in his mouth
* protecting life and limb from the little blue heeler (Tater) who lives across the road when he comes over here to hunt rodents
* stealing kisses
* boxing
* sitting on the top step of the front step with his front feet on the second step buffing at anything that goes by
* showing his fearsomeness by standing by the fence when The Large Monsters (horses) are standing on the other side

Lady's hobbies:

* protecting me from trucks by barking whenever there's one within three miles of me
* looking mildly disturbed whenever Yogi snorts
* sitting extremely daintily and posing, just in case someone is looking
* keeping me carefully informed about the status of food depth in her bowl
* keeping an eye on me while she's supposedly sleeping
* sitting next to me whenever I'm gardening
* showing her fearsomeness by standing by the fence when The Large Monsters (horses) are standing on the other side
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one time licked the top of a bird's head[/b]
Complete mayhem and Keystone Copping would break out here if a bird ever got close to either of mine. :blink:
Now, now, my guys aren't totally useless.

Yogi once got a baby bunny and proudly paraded around with the poor little thing in his mouth. :huh:

Even better was the time he got a possum who was playing possum. :blink: Much yipping and buffing broke out over that.

And maybe better was when he tried to tackle an armadillo. :blink: Lady was maliciously cheering him on in that effort - she already knew he would never make it through that shell.

And of course, there was the leopard frog who leapt straight up into the air and landed on Yogi's back. Lady enjoyed that, too, although it stopped Yogi right in his tracks. There was significant snorting over that event, but the leopard frog managed to flee.

So there are hunting tendencies here, sometimes with tragic consequences. Like the brutal humiliation of Yogi by this fellow, the world's smallest black bear, who was living under my house:

Little did you know that the world's smallest black bears chatter their teeth to scare doggies! This fellow lasted a good 1/2 second in Yogi's mouth (with Lady cheering him on) before wresting himself loose and unleashing the evil chatter!

Yogi not only snorted, but began leaping straight in the air over this one. It was an exciting day for him.
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wow! The world's smallest black bear looks suspiciously like the world's largest ground hog. :p Even more humiliating.[/b]
::gasp:: :eek: :eek:

Ground hog? Ground hog??

I'll have you know it's a bear!

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