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Your dog's hobbies

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Yogi's hobbies:

* snorting
* parading around with things in his mouth
* protecting life and limb from the little blue heeler (Tater) who lives across the road when he comes over here to hunt rodents
* stealing kisses
* boxing
* sitting on the top step of the front step with his front feet on the second step buffing at anything that goes by
* showing his fearsomeness by standing by the fence when The Large Monsters (horses) are standing on the other side

Lady's hobbies:

* protecting me from trucks by barking whenever there's one within three miles of me
* looking mildly disturbed whenever Yogi snorts
* sitting extremely daintily and posing, just in case someone is looking
* keeping me carefully informed about the status of food depth in her bowl
* keeping an eye on me while she's supposedly sleeping
* sitting next to me whenever I'm gardening
* showing her fearsomeness by standing by the fence when The Large Monsters (horses) are standing on the other side
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Annie's day starts with feeding the birds and squirrels and they stand right next to her as we toss the bread over the fence and is very gentle to them and one time licked the top of a bird's head. YUCK!!!

Then if weather is nice lies outside on her lounge chair watching the squirrels take over our yard and once in a while will jump down and chase them just for the "thrill of the chase".

The rest of the day is sitting by her cookie jar waiting for someone to toss her one and then napping til her daddy gets home and then sneaks in as many belly rubs as she can and then we take her for a long walk in the neighborhood where everyone has to stop and pet her and bring her treats so it really isn't much exercise like we would like for her even though now we belong to the dog park and she runs like crazy there chasing all the little dogs.

Around 8 she jumps in our bed and is out like a light and the next starts again!

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