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Your dog's hobbies

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Yogi's hobbies:

* snorting
* parading around with things in his mouth
* protecting life and limb from the little blue heeler (Tater) who lives across the road when he comes over here to hunt rodents
* stealing kisses
* boxing
* sitting on the top step of the front step with his front feet on the second step buffing at anything that goes by
* showing his fearsomeness by standing by the fence when The Large Monsters (horses) are standing on the other side

Lady's hobbies:

* protecting me from trucks by barking whenever there's one within three miles of me
* looking mildly disturbed whenever Yogi snorts
* sitting extremely daintily and posing, just in case someone is looking
* keeping me carefully informed about the status of food depth in her bowl
* keeping an eye on me while she's supposedly sleeping
* sitting next to me whenever I'm gardening
* showing her fearsomeness by standing by the fence when The Large Monsters (horses) are standing on the other side
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Scully's hobbies:

~ trying to convince the world she's starving and needs to be fed all the time

~ figuring out ways to distract her slaves and steal their food

~ getting a steady supply of beauty sleep

~ trying to turn her slaves into contortionists by taking up 3/4 of the bed

~ keeping the walls, floors, pillows, bed, couch, her daddy, etc. clean by licking them

~ sniffing every sqare inch of the the neighborhood, and then peeing on it

~ making her mommy look like an idiot in public by taking poops in the most inconvenient and embarassing places

~ scaring random people on the sidewalk with her big bark when they ignore her

~ oh, and how could I forget her newest and possibly most annoying hobby: clearing a room with her incredibly foul-smelling gas. :blink:

.....etc. etc. etc. :rolleyes:
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