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from Jay Kitchener

"You might be an animal rights radical if you believe that:
It's wrong to sell a dog for profit, but you should never give one away for free.
It's all how a dog raised. The dog's breed doesn't matter.
It's all how they are raised, but getting an adult dog from the street will make a great pet for your family.
All dogs are the same, no matter the breed, so if you want a lap dog a 50-pound stray will be perfect.
Intentionally breeding is bad, but accidental litters are great, and those are the puppies you should desire.
Christmas puppies are bad unless you get them from a shelter.
Pet store animals from licensed and inspected sources are bad, but shelter and rescue dogs from completely unknown sources are good.
Tail docking and ear cropping are "mutilation" of dogs, but ripping out a dog's testicles or uterus is an act of "kindness".
Ear cropping is "cruel" if done on a dog, but perfectly acceptable if done on a feral cat. (Feral cats are ear notched after spay/neuter).
Kennel crates are bad unless they are being used by a shelter or rescue.
Keeping a dog penned or tethered outside is "cruel," but keeping a dog crated 23 hours a day is not."
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