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Well all, i have some good news for you. Since we have some foster hounds here and they are outside waiting for regular foster homes, we have one that has gotten a yeast infection under his arm pits. I noticed this last night and put a homemade mixture on his arm pits with great success. The mixture is equal parts of listerine and babyoil. The listerine kills the yeast/fungus infection and the babyoil helps the listerine to adhere to the skin and also to soothe the skin. I have you know this worked wonders on his arm pits. Neither ingredient will harm your furbabies and surely isnt harmful to your pocketbook. Also, i have used this on my horses when they get fungal infections and also on kitten with fungal infections. It works wonders. Give it a try next time you have arm pit problems.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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