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Im sorry I have not been on and posting but yaya came down with parvo last month. We have been nursing her back to health ever since. The ER vet said that since it took her so long to get it there must have been a dog up in our yard that transfered it to our ground and thats how she picked it up . We also found out that a pup can get parvo no matter if they had there shots or not cause there mothers antib. can stay in there system for up to 20 weeks and if thats the case then the shots will do them no good. Im just thanking god that we ended up with our lil angle and no one else cause I have to thank what if they did not want the huge vet bill and just let her die...It just brakes my heart to thank it. But we are back and geting better now. She went in to the vet at 20 pounds went down to 6 pounds and is now at 14 pounds so we are geting there. Now they have her on Iron and Imun. meds to help her.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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