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Worried - Found a Lump

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Hi guys

some advise please...

have just spotted a lump on snoopy my 12 month old basset.

when feeling her ribcage its at the back on the right side. it feels like tis commected to the ribcage?

its doesnt hurt her for us to stroke her. she is walking fine and running fast. its not effecting her at all as far as we can see.

it pokes out when she turns to the left you can see it very clearly.

she's quite a slim Basset (40lbs) so i think it shows up more.

should i be worried? can anyone suggest what it might be?

we have an appointment at the vets this evening.

i hope she's ok...


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Please let us know what you find out. Good luck
It may be just a flanged rib, but best to have your vet check it. Let us know.
Thanks Betsy Iole

I feel better now you have said flanged rib.

i've never heard of it. i just assumed the worst.

we will obviously still be going to vet tonight to get it checked out.

I have discovered websites saying the flanged ribs are faults in a basset but can it cause problems? i cant seem to find much about it online?

hopfully the vet should tell us more.

i will also inform the breader about this as she should'nt be breading dogs with hereditary problems. we paid £750 for Snoopy and didnt expect to get any faults like this!
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I was just looking at the British Basset Hound Breed Standard and "flanged ribs" aren't even mentioned. In the American Standard they are mentioned as being a fault.

I wouldn't say someone shouldn't be breeding dogs because they've produced a dog with a flanged rib. I suspect it's happened to a lot of breeders. To my knowledge there aren't any health problems associated with it.

If you aren't going to show your dog in conformation it's not a concern. Speak to your breeder and ask them about it, just to set your mind at ease. A good breeder welcomes questions from one of their puppy buyers.
I know I have heard of a lot of basset's haveing fatty tumers.
And from what I found out was that sometimes when a basset's body can not take in the fat that is in there food it will through it off and become a lump of fat and that its not harmful to the dog.

I sure do hope that all goes well and its a big nothing !
Ruby has alot of lumps and we had a bunch of them removed a year ago. All were benign fortunately. She has a lot more and we keep an eye on them.

She does have something on her rib tho and it's been there forever. Not a tumor tho. Vet said it's normal for her.
Spencer has lots of lumps & bumps. Some fatty tumors, some sebaceous cysts. Every time we go to the vet, they get measured to make sure they are not growing too much. None seem to bother Spencer. He acts as if he doesn't even know they are there. I hope yours is just as harmless!
Perhaps it is nothing to be concerned about but it is wise to be sure. Good luck with your vet visit. My first experience with the sort of worry you are having right now had a happy ending - it turned out that Moe had an extra nipple. :lol: I was VERY worried until the vet looked at him, though. Here's hoping your fears are ungrounded, also.

Moe is covered with sebatious cysts and some other type that have something to do with oil glands. He has been diognosed with a condition that is just a fancy name for being covered in cysts. :roll: I cannot read the vet's writing or I'd tell you what it's called (a sure sign of a medical proffessional - illegible writing :wink: ) It usually occurs after the age of five years. He's had several removed in separate surgeries, he's had a few become infected, he's had a couple burst, and he's needed a drain in one. Last week I counted sixteen of them ranging in size from pea-sized to golf-ball sized, with one big sucker even larger than that. Most are in the area of his hind-quarters, with only a few towards his front. I was feeling pretty bad about them last week (after two separate visits to the vet in a six-day period) until someone on the board mentioned thier dog having many more cysts than Moe had, and another having a Basset with a burst cyst the day after I posted my concerns.

Good luck to you! Let us know how you make out...

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thank you all for your comments.

we are very relieved to know snoopy has an extra half rib!

seems we've only noticed it as she has lost 2kg over the past month or so, so its shows up a bit more!

we had a different vet to normal and snoopy loved her! she was a lovely Scottish lady.

we also had the kennel cough vaccination whilst she was there which she didn’t mind having one bit - she's one very brave, healthy and well behaved basset!

thanks for all your concern
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