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Woodrow is 11 weeks old, and last week I noticed something on his neck that I thought was a tick. However, it was kind of pink in color and didn't really look like a tick. I got my dad (who has raised dogs all his life) to look at it, and he said he didn't think it was a tick, but maybe a scab or something.
Then, one night a couple of days later, right before bed, I noticed that it had gotten much bigger and turned a gray color. It freaked me out because it was pretty big and looked to be full of something. I decided then that it had to be a tick, even if I couldn't see a head or anything. It was like 11:00 at night, so I decided that I would call the vet first thing in the morning.
However, when we got up in the morning it was gone! In its place was a bloody looking scab on Woodrow's neck, but the bump was gone and you couldn't even see the scab under his fur. It's like it popped or something. That was a week ago, and everything has healed up fine. It never seemed to bother Woody at all.
I'm thinking it had to have been a tick, even if it didn't look like one. Woodrow stays inside, so I was shocked that he might have a tick.
Even though all is well now, I was just wondering if anyone had seen anything like this before? Thanks!
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