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This week marked Bogie's first snow. The first time it was barely a dusting, and after he realized that, he decided it would be okay to go outside, especially since under the evergreen bushes there was still grass. Between last night and this morning we've have a decent 4 inches or more. He has no problem peeing on the snow. As soon as I try to take him for a semi normal walk, he starts pulling and running. Normally Bogie is very good on a leash. He also keeps acting like he has to go out, but absolutely refuses to poo on the snow. I'm really not sure what to do about this. Should I just wait and he'll get used to it? (He will have to, because from now on there will be snow on the ground until March or April) Does anyone know a way to encourage him to go outside? I've been carrying treats outside with me in case he does go, to treat and celebrate and pet him a lot once he finally does go...but so far I haven't been given the opportunity.

And for good measure, here is a picture of Bogie and his temporary playmate, Billa. She is a golden-lab mix, and they've been having a ball at frequent playdates.[attachmentid=102]


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