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Winter, Snow and Agony

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Well, winter's here and it looks to be a tough one so far. In addition to the sidewalk and steps I've had to shovel out a maze of "Poopy Paths" so Francis can go about his business with out ever having to chill his butt. :eek: Heaven forbid!
I am soooo out of shape and so sore and it's only December 16th!!!! Heck, it's not even winter yet!!!
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Heck, it's not even winter yet!!![/b]
Don't tell Mother Nature ;) ......
:eek: Not winter yet! As far as I'm concerned, anything under 50 degrees is winter! :eek:
I'm glad I don't have to shovel "Poopy Paths". My two seem to love the snow, and the cold really doesn't seem to bother them either. The worst part is when they come back to bed after a "poop run" in the middle of the night.
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