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Winston's Big Day

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I just dropped the little guy off at the vet for the BIG SNIP. Poor guy, he was so happy to be at the vet and get all kinds of attention. He has no idea what he's in for. I've opted for the laser surgery to minimize his pain and hasten his recovery. Added bonus, with laser he can come home today.

Molly is an only dog today and she is wired! She's playing with all the toys that Winston steals from her. I think I'll take her to Petsmart today (far too hot to go for a walk...100+ heat index, yuck!) and let her bask in the attention there. Ahh life with an only dog. But I miss Winston already.
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You'll be ok Winston! It's a necessary evil. Well..not necessary...but you know what I mean! Good luck and I'm sure you'll get lots of scratches and belly rubs when you get home. And Molly, you need to let your baby brother rest and make sure he doesn't get too rambunctious.
Glad you're home and doing great, albeit a little cranky, Winston. Doppler's sack was left behind too. The vets kind of looked at me a little weird when I asked if they'd be removing the sack along with the testicles. They said that with time, it would shrink back up a little bit. And it has as he's grown. It looked so pitiful right after it was done. Doppler would walk away from me and I'd see it and feel terrible and guilty. When it shrunk back up it was easier. I just had to keep reminding myself that it's for his own good and well-being. Leave your stitches alone Winston and you won't have to wear the scary cone of shame.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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