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Winston's Big Day

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I just dropped the little guy off at the vet for the BIG SNIP. Poor guy, he was so happy to be at the vet and get all kinds of attention. He has no idea what he's in for. I've opted for the laser surgery to minimize his pain and hasten his recovery. Added bonus, with laser he can come home today.

Molly is an only dog today and she is wired! She's playing with all the toys that Winston steals from her. I think I'll take her to Petsmart today (far too hot to go for a walk...100+ heat index, yuck!) and let her bask in the attention there. Ahh life with an only dog. But I miss Winston already.
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Winston is home and sore...a bit cranky too, but otherwise doing well. Vet techs loved him but said he made it known that he was not happy to be there and would really like to go home. He's happily gnawing on his new chew stick (thanks, Molly!) and behaving. He can't figure out the cone of shame and it's only served to scare him, so it's on the dining room chair for now.

Winston has a personal question for all you neutered boys: did the dr. leave that flap of skin dangling after the procedure? Mine I a freak?
Worm, I am talking about his sac. Glad to know it'll shrink up a bit. It's cute though...all freckled and stuff.
I figured the vet knew what she was doing with the extra skin. I like this dr a lot...she was the one that diagnosed Molly's Addison's Disease. Winston is doing better than I imagined. He is on pain meds, but every morning I question how much pain he is in. When the pill is wearing off, he shows no signs of discomfort. Still, I give it to him as directed. So far, he's been leaving his stitches alone, so no scary cone of shame. Hope he keeps away from them as they heal and get itchy. They can come out next Friday.
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