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Winston's Big Day

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I just dropped the little guy off at the vet for the BIG SNIP. Poor guy, he was so happy to be at the vet and get all kinds of attention. He has no idea what he's in for. I've opted for the laser surgery to minimize his pain and hasten his recovery. Added bonus, with laser he can come home today.

Molly is an only dog today and she is wired! She's playing with all the toys that Winston steals from her. I think I'll take her to Petsmart today (far too hot to go for a walk...100+ heat index, yuck!) and let her bask in the attention there. Ahh life with an only dog. But I miss Winston already.
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Aww Poor Winston!!! But its a deed that has to be done! Molly McF enjoy your day with Mom but don't forget to pick out a treat for your baby brother when you go to PetsMart -- maybe he will share. Have a good day and since it is so hot I think Mom should get you an icecream or even a popcicle. By the way it is even hot up here but Paisley has gone blueberry picking with her Dad which means she will have more in her fat belly than Dad will have in his basket.
Hmmm... I must not know what y'all are talkin' about because my sac is long gone... :( how interesting.

well, i bet the upside is that y'all can have neuticles if ya wanted them.
--sac-less Worm
.......or APRICOTS
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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