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I left the house yesterday morning at 6:45 (as per usual) so I know this wasn't my fault as I was 1st out the door, two others getting ready for school and someone WAY MORE MATURE AND WHO KNOWS BETTER going to work by noon. I stopped in at 3:30 to let the dogs out before going to a parent teacher interview and to my surprise Wilson had trashed the house.

Food served at party - 2 1/2 bags of chips, 3 packages of ichiban noodles (including the little flavor packets), one box of whole wheat crackers, 1/2 box of individually wrapped turtles (that was the scary one) and one package of duncan hines chocolate fudge cake mix. Luckily???? some of that I was able to vacuum up and the little dog dragged it under the couch and there was still a little in the package when I found it, the rest of it was "licked" into my off-white carpet. Wilson was up at an unusual time last night (so I'm assuming tummy troubles), but this morning all but the carpet is well. He didn't seem to have a hangover or anything this morning.

I estimate that he unwrapped about 10 individually wrapped turtles so I really hope he has no ill effects from them. I am thinking of putting a padlock on the pantry because my family just never seems to learn certain things.

As I mourn my newly brown carpet, my coworker keeps reminding me of what a fun and happy day the dogs would have had yesterday.

And yes, my pantry has been already rearranged so that anything dangerous is no longer in the reach of kids or dogs.

Susan and Wilson (burp)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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