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I've had an underground fence for years, and it's truly one of the best investments I've made. My dogs love it! All of my hounds are trained to it. We live in the booneys, so there's plenty of crittery distractions. I wouldn't recommend training one under 9 months though. I think they're just too young. I've NEVER had problems with the colors hurting their necks. They do not leave burn makes, raw places, etc.....nothing! I wouldn't use them if they did. And I use the longer prongs (PetSafe collars come with short and long prongs) The longer ones are for long haired dogs. They work best because of the basset turkey gobblers. Here are a few photos of some of my hounds. These are the only ones, with the hounds wearing the collars, that I have on this computer. I have also never had problems with rodents digging into the underground wire. If buried correctly, with one continuous piece of wire, you should have no problem. The only problem I've ever had is when the lawn man has cut it, after my laziness caused me to not bury on certain parts of the property.

The collars in the photos are of the Stubborn Dog receivers, made by PetSafe. I also use PetSafe's ultra light receivers, and have purchased a PetSafe deluxe ultra light receiver which I haven't used yet. I'm sure it'll work as good as my previous collars. I hope my experiences help with your decision!

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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