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I'm not a vet, not by any means, but that sounds kind of shock-y to me or maybe some kind of poisoning or, as Baby Duck suggested, maybe a seizure.

Whatever the case, it sounds serious and I would definitely have Ryobi checked over.

Lady pootied in the house the other day. But it was her first day of half kibble - half homemade food (chicken and rice, w/ veggies). She really gulped it down, which I tried to control for by only giving her a bit at a time.

Still, her system wasn't used to it and she pootied in the house, poor girl. She was humiliated!

However, it was just the pootie and she had no other signs and no recurrence and it was easily traceable to a change in diet.

It sounds like Ryobi's situation isn't traceable. Plus his other symptoms are pretty troubling. I really think it merits a vet visit.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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