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Why Petsmart is BAD....

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for my budget: I went in ONLY to buy a small bag of Nutra Ultra puppy food for Bailey and came out with said bag plus 2 bags of treats, 2 tennis balls, 1 chew toy, two cans of Ultra puppy food, two tiny tins of Nutro Pumpkin treat, and a new collar.

I must somehow learn to restrain myself. We are going on vacation in 2 weeks and are supposed to be saving every little penny but I cannot resist Petsmart!!
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:lol: a typical basset slave!
Try going to one of those fancy Dog Treats gourmet shops. They look so tempting, even for human! :wink:
Boy, I can relate! Our kids are famous at our local PetSmart. The manager yells out to the employees, "The Bassets are here"!! Too funny. Most of the employees gather around them. The kids love it. We go weekly. Yesterday after we used their scale to weigh the kids :wink: we got a large bag of Eukanuba Lamb & Rice, some liver training treats and the kids a life jacket! One of employees tried it on Rusty. He looks so cute!! I'll post photos when we have our new pool lesson. But every week it seems I'm spending $60+ in that store!!
Wow, I wonder if ours has a scale? I can never get past the dog aisles so I'll have to look next time (oops, another excuse to go!). I swear, I spend more on those dogs than I do myself but that's okay. They're all I need!
The scale is near the Veternary office in the store. It is huge and is calibrated perfectly. The first time we used it we stopped there on the way to the Vet's office near my house. Both scales gave the same weight. The receptionist at the Vet's office at the store is always happy to let us use it. I keep track of their weight because of the Revolution. They're still growing so I need to monitor that.
Oh, ours doesn't have a vet's, just grooming. I'll still ask though in case they do have one anyway!
I agree - Petsmart is deadly on the budget. I gave up fooling myself that I would "only" buy a bag of treats. I now accept the fact I will walk out with several bags of toys and goodies.
What's bad is that I have also spent so much $ on the darn hamster that I can't stand!! I love buying him new little treats!
I had a similar experience today at Target...clearly not all dog items, although dog food was on the list--it is cheaper at Target here in LIncoln than at Petco or PetSmart...go figure!
Teufel and I love shopping at Petsmart, Petco, Chuck and Don's Petfood warehouse!!!! It never fails I can't get out of those with less than $60.00 worth of food and Toys :lol:

The times Teufel doesn't go shopping I still spend at least $20.00 on more toys :lol:
:D Our petsmart doesn't have vet only groomers (ditto with above post). I know what U mean. I spend more on Tummy than I do 4 myself. Case in point went to MBR 3 day event. Bid over $500.00 for a micro-fiber couch with bolster pillows. I won <G> and it was 4 a GOOD cause. aheemmI :wink: . Tummy Boy's Mom.
I feel your pain!
Not only do I have to get dog food and treats for Dudley and Minnie, I have a mean, persnickity, ancient cat (called KK, 17yrs old), to buy for also.
But wait, is that all? Of course not, can't forget the WetPets! I have 5 Aquariums (all freshwater w/real plants) and an outdoor 2,500 gallon pond!

I don't have any good pics of my show tank (90 gallons) right now, it's in the middle of a whole new re-design, but I do have a pic of a water lilly that I grew in a tank! (Pretty unusual in the aquarium hobby).

So yes, Petsmart costs me money, big-time!
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We just started our puppy education class today at petsmart and of course, I had to buy Jackie two new kinds of treats... plus some carpet cleaner, puppy perfume, and a cool cat toy that Jackie just had to have.

I think the puppy class is just a way to get me into petsmart once a week :twisted:
Trip to Petco tonight. $55.00. And didn't get what I went bowls!

Janet 'n Twinkie
Darn! Now you're gonna have to go back again! :lol:
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