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Why don't you go out in the nice weather?

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Emma and Doris! Why don't you go out in the nice weather?

Are you mad? Getting crushed by a meteorite, stung by a bee, bit by a snake?

Okay okay, let's give it a try:

Hmmmmm.......after all - it's really not that bad!
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love all your photos and narritives they always brighten my day
What a nice way to start the day, love those girls!

But Steinar, I think Emma needs a face lift. Look what it did for Cher! :D

Great pics as always! Is Emma unhappy because she didn't get on the pillow near the door first?

Do Emma & Doris chew on the grass when it's in their faces?

When our grass is tall enough to tickle Ruby in the nose, she eats it. We don't want any barf on our floor so we know it's time to mow the lawn.
Steinar, you seem to have an uncanny sense about when I'm having a terrible day and need cheering up with beautiful photos of your girls and hilarious captions. Thank you. I needed that.--Allison
LOL! Emma does indeed look unhappy. Mine think being sent outside is punishment even if it's beautiful and perfect temperature-
These 2 have so much personality! Like, what bassets don't? I love the pics! :)
It's been raining non-stop here for the past few days and it's getting on my nerves. What a nice day that looks like. Maybe Francis and I will move to Norway for some sun and fun!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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