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Why do they roll in poop?

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Dear Friends,

We adopted Miss Daisy about 9 months ago. She has been great. No house training problems or anything else.
Yesterday. I took her to Petsmart for a bath and a "furminator" treatment. Both of which she has has twice before with no prolems.
This morning we let her out in the (fenced) back yard as usual. When she came was obvious she had rolled in poop. I had to take her out and hose her down good. Finally got her cleaned up.

The question is WHY DID SHE DO IT? HELP. What sould we do to prevent a recurrance?

Miss Daisy and her driver, Fritz
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I've always thought it was a predatory instinct to mask their scent when hunting... I can't remember where I heard that or if I just assumed that's why they did it.

Prey #1~ "No, on second thought, I don't think it's a Basset Hound. I think we're being followed by a dead fish covered in poop."
Prey #2~ "Oh, that's cool then."[/b]

I think I was the prey!!
Miss Daisy's driver, Fritz
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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