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Who needs a bath

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When I came home this evening, I was met at the gate by 3 wet bassets. :rolleyes: With the rain turning to snow, the boys decided to play outside in the rain, instead of staying in a nice warm kitchen. :lol: Digger was the smart one. He wasn't quite as wet as Dozer & Dudley, they were soaking wet. :p

Who out there have hounds that "love or hate" the rain?

Yeah I know, I just give up on keeping them off the furniture.

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I've had one of each kind - Spencer doesn't care at all about getting wet. He even stands patiently while getting a bath, doesn't even try to escape. I often have to go fetch him on rainy days. He even demands his walk in the rain. Sadie on the other hand, was a princess & was convinced even a drop of water would cause great harm. On rainy days, I had to literally chase her down to get her to go out to potty. They are funny! :)
Had one who didn't even like to get her feet damp, walking on wet grass. Heaven forbid she should go out in the rain. A couple of others let me know when it's raining (or when the sprinklers are on) by running up to greet me, soaked and smelling like wet dog!
Great pictures! I call Rusty "Twinkle Toes". He hates to walk on wet grass.
Just depends on the time of year. If its cold outside all 4 are snuggled up warm and dry but if its warm then all four absolutely LOVE playing in the rain!
Chloe HATES the rain! She was put into rescue b/c she kept piddling on the carpet rather then go outside in SEATTLE to go potty. We have a dog door and an overhang, so she inches her way next to the house, does her business and then inches back without getting wet. Poor dog should have been born in Arizona! :rolleyes:
Pearl could care less about the rain. She even likes to lay out in the backyard on the woodchips when they are wet, or sit on the hot tub cover when it's got puddles on it. Bella, on the other hand, is absolutely positive that she will melt if forced to go out in even a gentle shower. If shoved out, she creeps along the outside of the house, hugging the wall, does whatever she is going to do, and then re-appears at the door, ASAP. I've had one other Basset that wasn't wild about the rain, but Bella's the worst we've had.
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