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My 15 month old Basset whines alot, especially when he isnt getting what he wants, he has been doing it today ALOT even though I took him for a decent walk in a large park before I went to work, left him with the TV on for 3 hours with the house to roam (bottom floor) and then took him for an even longer walk as soon as I got back, with him running free the whole time and playing with lots of other dogs!
He doesnt do this all the time but when he does it drives me insane!!! Help!!!![/b]

it is an effective atttention seeking behavior for the dog because it drives you nuts and you must respond. You can try ignoring the behavior but be fore warned because of a behaviour phenonenom known as an exctinction burst it will get worse before it get better using this method general much worse.

some possible solutions

harmmony Programme

or anouther possibility is to teach a less obnoxious behavior that will get your attention

Stopping Negative Behavior Positively

<a href="" target="_blank">Training an Alternative Behavior:
Changing a Paw Whack to a Chin Rest</a>
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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