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Whew, expensive vet visit!

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Spencer had his yearly check-up today (I use the term "yearly" with a snicker, considering how often we are at the vet!) Anyway, he had his exam, a nail trim, anal gland expression, blood pressure check (due to being on a medication that has a side effect of raising blood pressure), a blood draw to check on his liver issues he was having a few months back, another blood draw to recheck for allergies (his shots have not been as effective lately), 2 vaccines and a stool check
(loose bowels lately). In addition, I had to get Frontline, a new supply of syringes for allergy shots & a refill on Rimadyl. When we went out to the front desk afterwards, the receptionist asked me how he did. I said ok, but I thought I should probably sit down to hear the grand total for our visit. She added it all up and said "Well, you stayed under $500.00...barely. $499.57! There has to be some job Spencer can do to contribute to his upkeep! ;) Just kidding. I'd do anything for that knucklehead. Other than age related issues like cataracts, slightly diminished hearing and arthritis, he seems to be doing well. We'll get the regular blood test results tomorrow & the allergy test results in 7-10 days.
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Jasper goes for yearly physical exams and it usually runs about $150-$170 for blood test for Lyme and heartworm, the heartworm pills, anal gland expression and general check over by the vet. He's young, just turned four and we feel lucky that he doesn't have anything chronic that needs to be addressed.

jasperspet aka colleen
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