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i let snoopy out to pee yesterday morning as usual. i shut the door behind her and i went to the bathroom myself. two minute's later i went to let Snoopy back in and she wasnt in the garden.

we have a fully fenced back garden with no gates or anything that she can get out off.

i then walked out into the garden to see if she was hinding in the bush and she wasnt in there either.... :eek:

i started to panic and then realised a piece of fencing has been blown away in the strong winds we had over night.

she had walked stright into next doors garden and was having a good old sniff about! they are fixing the fence tomorrow so Snoopy now has the free run of two good sized back gardens for the next 24 hours.

the only problem with this is that she doesnt like our garden anymore and she makes a beeline for there back garden as soon as she is let out to pee :lol: they only way i can get her to come back to our garden is to shout WALKIES or CHEESE!!!

I recon tomorrow when the fence is put back up she will probably run straight over to it and start barking at it to move.

She makes us laugh so much - I hope next door dont mind too much about a Basset having a good old sniff around there furniture and plants etc

I'll try and get a picture later on
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