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Where in the world is Carmen Miranda -

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As you may know - Stickers is a frequent flyer, travelling around the world
visiting people. It's up to you to find out where Rusty was last weekend.

I can give you some clues:
  • There's no slobber and hair to be seen - probably not a dogowner.
  • They are wealthy, I guess - since they have golden apples and grapes.
  • They are musical, by the look of the piano.
  • They are surely from another culture, since the curtains are horizontal, in stead of vertical.
That's all the information you'll get.
Let's see some answers!

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
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I live in New England and have no curtains at all. I love to see the flowers in spring, the trees in the summer, the colors in fall, and the snow in winter. And, yes, in the winter the fire is going (we heat with wood - very warm and cozy even with no curtains), though I prefer tea to wine. :)
Maggie's mommy, can I borrow you for a while? Bring your husband, too... ;)

Steinar, can you make a handsome Basset appear in my living room? For real? I had in mind one of the vegetable litter perhaps... :) :) :)
Steinar, I'm partial to "Felix the Fennel", but any one would do. ;)

Thanks in advance,
Terry (waiting patiently for a vegetable to appear in my living room...)
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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