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Where are our strawberries?

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..... in Lola's tummy....

We have a few strawberry plants (as wel as some other berries but I don't know the english names, in dutch they're called 'trosbessen, groene bessen, framboos'

They should be ripe by now so every day we go out into the garden to check out if we have a few strawberries for desert, but no luck till now.

Yesterday I saw one that was almost ripe and ready to eat. This morning .... gone

Guess who's always wandering in exactly that spot of the garden....????

No strawberries this year I guess, and by next year, we'll have to find a way to plant them in such a way that she can't reach them :)


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When I lived in Virginia many years ago, I always had a big vegetable garden with 25-30 tomato plants because I canned. One day in July just before the tomatoes were ready to pick,my lab Buddy got into the garden and spent several hours walking up and down the rows of tomatoes taking exactly one little bite out of each tomato within his reach- he must have gotten at least 40!

We also had a line of blackberry bushes along the woods, and we would watch him carefully nibble the berries trying to avoid the thorns.

That dog really loved produce!
Mine all love fruit and veggies. If I had a garden they could get into it would be a basset buffet!

It sures beats a lot of the things they could eat.
My previous basset did this to. No matter if they were white or red...
Back in Moe's "mighty warrior" days I used to keep a garden... or tried to. I'd monitor the first zuchini in mouth-watering anticipation (I love grilled zuchinni, stuffed zuchini, and my famous zuchini bread with golden raisins - YUM!). Then, just when they were the perfect size, I'd go out to the garden with my veggie basket over my arm only to find the garden savagely vandalized, my tender veggies brutally torn to shreds and strewn about. :eek: The carnage! The horror! Moe had 'killed' them all. And not just my zuchinni, but ALL my squash, tomatoes, and cukes. There was nothing left on the plants to ripen. <_< I buy my fresh produce at the farm stand down the road now. But, I wonder... how will his veggies be this year? I noticed that he now has a Basset! :blink: (That makes a total of SIX Bassets within a half mile of us now B) )

Terry :)
..... in Lola's tummy....

No strawberries this year I guess, and by next year, we'll have to find a way to plant them in such a way that she can't reach them :)[/b]
Try draping Garden Netting over the plants- it is fine,light-weight plastic mesh that is black so virtually invisible- it's the only thing I've found to keep the squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits from destroying plants. If you wrap it around the base of bushes in the early spring, it stops the rabbits from eating the new shoots. I get it at our local hardware store for about $5 for a big package- ( I also plant bulbs using this: I make a little sack and plant the bulbs inside it. Until I started doing this, the squirrels would dig up every bulb I planted. I love Garden Netting!)
went in the garden and....
everything is gone
the plants are OK, but the fruit is just.... eaten.


At least THEY had a desert :)

WE have green tomatoes that are going the way of your strawberries. I've been blaming racoons for the teeth marks. Yesterday, found Bella holding one between her paws, carefully nibbling on it. We have wire screen all around them, they are in boxes up off the ground, and she still got her basset snooter into the pots and helped herself.
When I was a kid my family had 2 apple trees and 2 peach trees. Our dalmation would stand on his hind legs up against the trees and eat the fruit off the bottom branches and knock some down for our terrier. We then used netting around it, and whenever a fruit would fall off into the netting for whatever reason Sparky (the dalmation) would eat it through the netting... we finally gave up and got rid of the trees.

We have a garden now (mostly peppers) and not having much luck with anything growing (my husband thinks he's a gardener), but if anything does grow once the hounds get a taste of a pepper I don't think they'll bother them much more.

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