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When will I learn...?

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Last night I intended to go for a long walk. I made the mistake of reaching down and petting a rather thin, stray cat.
Well, after that, she followed me, and I couldn't lose her. She followed me all the way home, so I put her in the crate, with food and water, and set her in the garage for the night.

This morning I got ready to take her to the animal shelter. (doing my part to prevent little stray kittens)

Here's the stupid part: I can't believe I did this, what was I thinking?. I really thought that I could make it from the garage, thru the gate, and to the car without the dogs hearing me out back. So I didn't block the dog door to keep the hounds in the house.
I no sooner got out of the garage, when these two bassets come spilling out of the dog door, spot the cat, and the cat, (in my arms) spotted them!!! I was trying to hold the cat up, away from the super excited bassets leaping in mid air to get her.

Well, that cat was not waiting around to be breakfast for those hounds, and flew from my arms and over the fence, much to the disappointment fo the dogs. And my left arm and shoulder are scratched like you wouldn't believe.

So I am off to get a tetnaus shot, and I am all thru rescuing animals!! :roll:

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Great effort tho!
Your heart was definitely in the right place!!

But, I'm betting you'll do it again next time a stray crosses your path.
At least you really try to rescue the cat and the hounds just got in the way from making it happen. :D

May be you will find her again during a walk around the neighbourhood?
I'm voting that just like the rest of us animal lovers that you are a "slow learner" and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

I hope the wait wasn't long for your shot, which is almost worse than the scratches.

It's too bad those animals don't understand what a caring thing you were trying to do. Us animal lovers understand and appreciate your effort and sacrifice.

Susan and Wilson
UPDATE: I had to block my dog door tonight, because my hounds kept running outside like maniacs...finally they focused on the back corner of the yard. It's 11pm here, so I had to drag them in, just to shut them up, as they were waking up the neighborhood.

I could hear a faint cat's cry, when I went back to look, but it was too dark to see anything. But I think the cat is high up in the neighbor's tree, and can't get down. Poor kitty, that means it's been up there all day!

If it is, (sigh).....I'll try to help it tomorrrow. For those of you following this action packed drama, I'll update as it unfolds. :D

UPDATE on cat rescue:

Well, I just couldn't feel worse. We found the cat high up in the neighbors tree this morning. Their son climbed up and got him, only to get scratched like I did, and then the cat took off again.. She was up in the tree for over 24 hours, after being scared to death by my big noisy bassets!

So now I feel terrible, she would have been far better off if I had just left her.
I put some water and a little food out on the porch, just in case. But I doubt if she'll come anywhere near the crazy lady's house with the two insane hounds. Hope she'll be OK. :( She's just so thin.

I understand how you feel but remember you didn't do this to her. Curses on the people who didn't look after her properly in the first place, or didn't spay or neuter her mother and father, all those other irrisponsible so called pet owners. The situation just makes me mad that nice people like us have to suffer (feeling bad for mistreated animals) because of other people's stupidity and ignorance.

Done my rant now.

Just Susan (Wilson doesn't like to put his name on my rants)
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