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When to start training?

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Hi All!
I am new to the list- I have a just 4 month old girl Basset named Miz RubyRue. Since I am NOT a Basset "slave" but an owner & have always had well behaved dogs I wondered when I could start & HOW I should start with Miz Ruby. She is doing very well on basic manners- housetraining, no biting, staying down, not rushing the door etc. I think she has a terrier mind in that Basset body & if I don't keep her busy she will find something to do & it is always trouble... I would love to do rally or obedience. I know she is probably too young to start officially but what can I do that is fun for her & will help her get ready?
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FWIW I started formal obedience training with toughy when he was 14 weeks old. He was by far the easiest to train. Never had to teach an Automatic sit, cuz at that age as soon as you stop he sat on his own, just reinforced that behavior and voila. Heck he was on of a few basset that actual heeled better off lead than on.

It is important to keep any physical activity age appropriate. You would not want to start a heavy regimine of jumping or other stressfull activity until the growth plates close. The also go's for the equipment you choose to train with. Personnal I would be reluctant to use a tradditional choke collar on a puppy for fear of possible damage to the thorax. There are alternatives like flat buckle collar, head halters, harness of various types each with there own strengths and drawbacks if used immproperly could cause harm. Investigate your choice an learn how to use a training tool properly which will greatly reduce the risk of injury.
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