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When to start training?

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Hi All!
I am new to the list- I have a just 4 month old girl Basset named Miz RubyRue. Since I am NOT a Basset "slave" but an owner & have always had well behaved dogs I wondered when I could start & HOW I should start with Miz Ruby. She is doing very well on basic manners- housetraining, no biting, staying down, not rushing the door etc. I think she has a terrier mind in that Basset body & if I don't keep her busy she will find something to do & it is always trouble... I would love to do rally or obedience. I know she is probably too young to start officially but what can I do that is fun for her & will help her get ready?
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We started Ernest in puppy classes at the beginning of June. He graduated and is now doing a puppy manners class.

He has a long way to go before graduation, but I say the earlier, the better.

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