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What's that wonderful smell?

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Emma woke up with a titillating smell in her nose;
what could that be?

Doris had already joined the chef, in case he needed assistance:

Somebody is hoping he'll trip and lose the food....

Maybe some food will find it's way to my mouth when I sit here?

Finally - many sausages and burgers later, a well satisfied dog is dreaming sweet dreams.

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After their feast, the girls were feeling creative. They sent me the following poems:

Emma composed this poem:

I love the smells in the air
of summer, they keep me awake
but I really do have to say...
my favorite is barbequed steak!

Doris, not to be outdone, composed this:

I stole a pie from the table
...I'm in the doghouse now
I ask you, how was I to know
it was for company anyhow?
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Ruby stands right where her daddy is when he's grilling. Guess Emma didn't have to beg; she knew she'll get her fare share. :D

Is that wadding pool for your grandson or is it for Doris and Emma?
Such patient,pretty girls deserve all the burger they can eat.
LOL! dinner and a swim :lol:
I hope the girls got at least a couple grilled hot dogs!! With all the works of course!

who could say no to that face?
Thanks for the poems, Sandy - they are marvellous as always!

Janice, you're correct about the wadding pool - even though Emma
and Doris used it for drinking too... :shock:

Here is my grandson at the same party:

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Somebody is hoping he'll trip and lose the food....
Dudley is usually pretty good about not being underfoot, but when I cook on the grill, I swear he really tries to trip me when I'm carrying the food back to the house! All because of that one time a hot dog rolled off the plate and he got to keep it...
Wow, look at those curls! He's adorable....... :D
Those are 'kissin' cheeks, that's for sure. :D


Trusty is aways under foot, I am not sure what the game is but he can be a real pain. His main interest is food and he expect his share off anything thats going. He love fruit off all kinds too. We all know the basset is that hound thats almost human!

Have a good day

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