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Basset names

Nearly every basset I've met in my life had a human name:Herbie, Alice, Henrietta, Wesley, Beauregard, Abigail, Minnie, Clancy, Boris, and Alphonse are names I remember.

When Herbie died my mom took us out basset-shopping; we found a breeder that had one surviving puppy from a litter born on Halloween. It seems the mother had gotten loose on a stormy night and given birth to her puppies in the woods. The one female left was beautiful, and even though my sisters and I had been discussing other basset names all the way up there, it was unanimous when we saw her that she was "Alice." The breeder's wife thought we should name her "Spooky" because she'd been born on Halloween and had given them a real scare. "No, we're naming her Alice," we insisted.

Not too long after that I was reading an encyclopedia article about names and their meanings, and lo and behold it said Alice meant "spooky one."
(cue Twilight Zone music now.)

1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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