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What's In A Basset's Name?

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Does your Basset like its name? Why did you give him this name? :?:
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Growing up, my dad raised bassets and he always had a favorite he would name Speedy. We had Speedy 1 through 5. Shortly after he passed, I got Speedy. In honor of my dad, he was named. 8)
I think Daisy likes her name; she's never really mentioned not liking it or said she wanted to change it. :lol:

How she got her name...Dukes of Hazzard movie was coming out. My boss got his dog, Daisy's brother, and named him Flash, after the hound on the TV show. The breeder brought Daisy to see me at work, and everyone who looked at her said she looked like a Daisy. And she did, it just suited her. Her name has gone through an evolution to "Sweet Miss Daisy Jayne Pickles", because it just fits her.

I can't even begin to tell you where the "Pickles" part came from, it just sounded right. :wink:

Olivia came to us with her name. She looks like an Olivia, and she answers to it...not sure she likes hearing it when she is in trouble. I tend to call her Oli most of the time or Baby Girl...she likes that as I am usually giving her lots of attention when I call her Baby Girl.
I adopted Henrietta from Human Society and they named her that way. I can't find any better name that fits her face! She is Henrietta!
She acts and behaves like a princess. (whiny, complaining) :lol:

I always want to have a basset named Winston. And Winston previous name was Leo, I think ..."Naaaa....., he is definately Winston. The name just fits him so well. So many people told me that. He is mommy baby boy.
I searched for names when I decided to get a basset. Everyone seemed to name them after movie or tv bassets, I wanted something different. That's what I got. I have yet to see anybody that named any of their dogs Digger or Dozer.
Everyone thinks that I named Dozer because of our family owned heavy construction company. I actually picked out Dozer, because I thought they were sleepy dogs, boy was I wrong, but he is pushy.
And they think that I named Digger after a neighboring town's school name, Beet Diggers. (Sugar beet country here.) I picked it because of all the digging dogs do, and I was right on that one.
George was "Bowser" when we got him and I thought GAG, how original. :p Why not just call him Fido or Rover and be done with it? So naturally we had to think of something better. My heart was set on "Eeyore" but he simply would NOT have that. The look he gave me when I tried that one on him was priceless: YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME!!! Okay, okay, we won't call you Eeyore. So I tried several others, I don't remember them all now, but I usually like to give my babies "people" names (as opposed to "Spot" or "Fluffy" type names). Anyway, he totally ignored everything I tried (actually had his BACK to me after the Eeyore debacle -- clearly that was a huge insult and I still don't know WHY, it's a CUTE name!). But when I said "George," he turned around and wagged his tail. So I said, "Do you like that? You want to be 'George'?" and he wagged his tail again. To get him used to it, we got to using it constantly, saying stuff like "he's a good George" and singing to him, changing the words to songs to put "George" as often as possible (I blush to report that we even changed the words to a song we played at church, so we were singing "Our George is an awesome George ... " instead of "our God is an awesome God," you won't tell the pastor, will you? :D ) and it was only a couple of days at most until that awful "Bowser" moniker was HISTORY.
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Valerie - that's so funny cuz' when Huck came to me as a "foster" (yeah, right, like I thought he'd be going anywhere else once I saw him!), his name was Bowser too! I hated it! Bowser makes me think of dumb and Huck is anything but. We ALSO thought of Eeyore but somehow he just didn't seem like one of those either. So after watching him for a few days he seemed to always be into something and mischievious so I thought of Huckleberry Finn. And I also remembered the cartoon Huckleberry Hound which was my father's favorite cartoon - he called it educational TV :roll: . So Huck it was. I don't think he liked his old name as it didn't take him long at all to pick up his new one. The next Basset I get will most likely be a male (unless I get sugared into another foster who happens to be female) and I'll name him Hambone! :lol:
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I don't think Huck looks like a Bowser any more than George looks like one. WHAT were those people THINKING? Clearly both dogs were meant to wind up with the homes they have now. :D
Rusty & Stickers already had their names. They had just turned one year old when we got them. They really responded well to their names and we thought it would be too confusing to try to change them. Rusty got his name from his color. White and red/lemon. Stickers registered AKC name is "Cactus Flower", thus the "Stickers"!! Different but she seems to like it. We call Ruty by his name but have started calling her "Sticky Bun"!! I think she likes that too!!
When we got Bogie at eight months he was called "Snoopy". We weren't real fond of Snoopy. We had a "Bubba" and decided another "B" name was what we wanted. Hubby loves the old Humphry Bogart movies so we thought of Bogart. His registered name is "Trumbull's Who's Teasin Bogart", and we call him "Bogie". Within a week he was answering to his new name with no problems. So now we have "Bogie" often called Mr. Bogart, Bogster. and fuzzy butt as the occasion arises.

Aroooos from Bogie!
You don't own a Basset, a Basset owns you!!
Since George isn't registered -- that I know of, we got him for free from people who wanted rid of him because they had a female in heat and he was getting on their nerves because they wanted to keep the two separated, THEIR LOSS and we're so glad -- we could call him anything we and he wanted without worrying about it.

Can somebody either explain to me or direct me to a Web site where I can find out WHY registered names are so very complicated and odd? :lol: I know that part of it is that no two registered dogs can have the same name. I read a book long, long ago (fiction) about a woman who bred cocker spaniels and that book covered it a little. Don't most registered dogs have a "family" name or nickname that they go by and the registered name is just for the papers?
When I got Duncan he was named Valdez and that just did not fit him. I was trying to go with something that went with his sisters name which is stella, but he didn't seem like a stanley. So, on the 7 hour car ride home we finally came up with duncan, I mostly call him duncky butt or baduncadunck. He seems to like it, the first time I called his name he picked up his head and looked at me.
I always try to go with unique names for all my animals. I have 5 cats....Charles (not so unique), Lambchop, I call them Prince Charles and Lady Lambchop. There's Angel (didn't pick that name), Blanka AKA Binky, And last but not Least, Loche, he is named after Loki, the god of mischief and boy does he fit it. Stella is named because I always liked the name and have frequently screamed STELLAAAA :) I also had a cat named attilla because she was very evil at first ( abused) and Foofer the cat, they have since passed. If I get another female animal I want to name it Mabel. I absolutly love that name and since all I will have is furbabies, they will get all the names that I would have used for kids.
Basset names

Nearly every basset I've met in my life had a human name:Herbie, Alice, Henrietta, Wesley, Beauregard, Abigail, Minnie, Clancy, Boris, and Alphonse are names I remember.

When Herbie died my mom took us out basset-shopping; we found a breeder that had one surviving puppy from a litter born on Halloween. It seems the mother had gotten loose on a stormy night and given birth to her puppies in the woods. The one female left was beautiful, and even though my sisters and I had been discussing other basset names all the way up there, it was unanimous when we saw her that she was "Alice." The breeder's wife thought we should name her "Spooky" because she'd been born on Halloween and had given them a real scare. "No, we're naming her Alice," we insisted.

Not too long after that I was reading an encyclopedia article about names and their meanings, and lo and behold it said Alice meant "spooky one."
(cue Twilight Zone music now.)

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Lily's name

Well, all the bassets I had known had like Flash or something like Ellie Mae. I thought they sounded depressing and I wanted her to have a happy name.
When we got our bulldog who is brindle, I wanted to name her Tiger Lily. But my hubby and I couldn't quite agree he wanted to name her after Rosie the Rivator. So we named her Tiger Rose. So then comes our basset and I put my foot down and said I'm naming her Lily, I don't care what the rest of her name is, but her name will be Lily and he agreed this time. So we have a Rose (Rosie) and a Lily. And Molly. But that is a different story there.
When i got Simon his name was Buster. I named him after Carly Simon because I love her
I had started of thinking a name before we went to pick her up, and some how Jasmine stuck in my mind, but we wanted to make sure it 'fit' her. When we saw her, it just seemed right, only reinforced by the fact that her mum's name is Fleur, so of course her daughter should be named a type of flower. :D
We had this discussion in the past so I'm sure you're sick of my response so I'll be brief.

The baby elephant at the Phoenix zoo (when I was a little girl) was named Ruby. She's since passed away a few years ago.

The actress Ruby Dee is the other reason.
Trixie is the name that my basset already had when I got her from the dog pound aka animal shelter. I am actually glad that she already had a name because I had been trying to come up with a "good" name for weeks while I was looking for a basset and never came up with one. With all that said, she reacts perfectly to that name and really seems to like it.
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