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What type of bed for your basset

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I have been looking at the Kuranda dog beds and wonder what type of bed you have for your bassets?
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I just got Murray a "Therapeautic" dog bed from L.L.Bean. The catalog description says it's "made of memory foam to help relieve hip and joint pain by providing a firm, supportive surface that better distributes the dog's weight and helps prevent pressure points".

It was $99 for a 28x36 size- not cheap, but I've been looking for something to give him some support as he gets older. He really likes it, and uses it more than he used his old soft pillow bed.

The memory foam is interesting stuff- the mattress came rolled up tight and wrapped in cellophane, and I had to carefully unroll it and let it puff up for about a day until it got back to it's intended shape.[/b]
Murraysmom, does Murray like his LLBean bed? Moe is getting up in years and I would like to get him a bed that is comfy for his crooked old bones (and I'm hoping that if I do get him a bed he'll actually USE it!). For years he's slept on the couch but for six months after his surgery he did use a dog bed I bought for him at BJ's (a warehouse store). He eventually ended up back on the couch. I'm hoping he may take to a bed sometime in the near future because, though he is not showing his age yet, I would rather have him not jumping up on the couch as he gets older. He has a deformed front leg that may give him trouble as he gets on in years.
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