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What type of bed for your basset

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I have been looking at the Kuranda dog beds and wonder what type of bed you have for your bassets?
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My bed of course, cus that's the way she came. Ruby was 2 1/2 yrs. and that was about 6 yrs. ago. I wouldn't have it any other way either. I should add that I am single. Ruby is great she slams her back up to mine, and if it isn't quite right, she heaves up her whole body and slams it again to get it just right. The night I brought her home I slept like a baby and have ever since. The new bed I got is a pillow top on a raised bed frame so, I have to lift her up on it. Guess I will keep my eye open for steps.

Once when an old boyfriend stayed with me for the night, I was just imagining how desperate Ruby was to go to bed. Finally click click on the hard wood floors and thunk, up on the bed. BF says "what the h--- is that as he boots her off the bed. I tell yah, nearly ripped my heart out. Should have booted him out, cus Ruby is still with me long afte BF is gone.
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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