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What type of bed for your basset

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I have been looking at the Kuranda dog beds and wonder what type of bed you have for your bassets?
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Yogi has two dog beds from Drs. Foster and Smith. He loves them! He has one upstairs and one downstairs. The two pillows were made especially for Yogi when he was a puppy by my nephew! Yogi loves using them too! It looks like he is crowded in the bed but he really does have enough room. He likes to sleep curled up instead of stretched out or I would have picked out a bed like his brother, Gunny (the GSD) uses. He doesn't like Gunny's bed but Gunny does like Yogi's bed! It is amazing how he manages to squeeze in there! He only uses Yogi's upstairs bed for some reason. :rolleyes: I am not really happy about him using Yogi's bed since he is so big but what can I say? Yogi doesn't mind. Yogi does use his beds all the time but at night he sleeps in the people bed! :D He also has a set of stairs to get up and down on the bed. Gunny's bed is also from Drs. Foster and Smith. These beds really do hold up over time and are worth the money.

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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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