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What type of bed for your basset

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I have been looking at the Kuranda dog beds and wonder what type of bed you have for your bassets?
Wally, Sissy & Cindy
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Bogie used to sleep allover the place. He has two doggie beds, one just a big pillowy sort and one with a back rest type thing. He'd start on my bed or the couch, and make his away around. He also discovered that putting the pillowy dog bed inside the other dog bed makes it more comfortable. Then I bought myself a 4-inch memory foam mattress pad for my bed. He only slept on my bed once that came into the picture. I had bought a king sized one, but ended up getting a smaller sized bed, so I cut it to queen size. With the extra, I put it on top of the padding for his one doggie bed, and under a sheet, so he has his own memory foam mattress, and he loves it!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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