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What type of bed for your basset

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I have been looking at the Kuranda dog beds and wonder what type of bed you have for your bassets?
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Bogie Carter has several beds. :D Nothing but the "best" for this non-spoiled Basset. :D

The pipe bed for outside sunning.

The plaid round bed from Cabelas in the den. We did add a round piece of egg grate foam
to their stuffing.

"Bogie's thoughts on being crated after his ACL surgery." Amazingly he does love his crate,even
after many days of being confined in it after his two rock surgeries and his ACL surgery. It is
by the kitchen and patio doors. He often just goes and naps in it. It has a Wal Mart rectangle bed
that we added a piece of egg crate foam too.

In the RV when traveling he gets the comfy couch/bed intended for human use. He uses a small ramp
to get up and down. He loves it there because he can see out.
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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