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What size are your beds?

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After looking long and hard for a plastic bed for Duke that he wont grow out of I hope I've found the right size. It hasn't been delivered yet but its 102 x 71 x 32 cm. Can anyone else remember the dimensions of theirs please? :)
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Anabelle's bed is 29" L X 39" W X 4" H, would have to convert to cm to compare. I don't think any smaller would work for her.
Ours is queen size, LOL our dogs sleep with us.
We are thinking about getting a twin mattress for a dog bed. I think though some of the "smaller" dog beds look cozy. It might just all depend on how your dog likes to sleep.
When ours were puppies we bought them the fold out couches for kids. They ate both of them. Now they sleep on a California King. Just the 5 of us.
Doppler sleeps in a 40"L x 27"W x 30"H kennel. Virga sleeps in a 36"L x 25"W x 27"H kennel.
As I mentioned in a previous post, Charlie likes to sleep in the kneehole of the desk, which is about 22" wide. I had not got a basket for him, just a blanket, which he mostly ignores anyway. He has slept on the easy chairs or sofa but mostly he's just on the tiled floor. I bought a basket for him when I was in town yesterday but I'm thinking now it is too small. I've not seen him in it so I'm not sure. I got one 22" long, thinking it would be like his kneehole bed but perhaps it does not work that way. I've now put the bed in the kneehole and will see if that induces him to try it out.
Each has a hard plastic oval basket about 36", 4" memory foam mattress with a waterproof cover, a cotton case & then a towel.
Queen size.
We just went from queen to king so I can sleep with my legs straight.

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Futon size, oversized loveseat and sofa size, and a queen bed. She has a dog bed, but the cat is using it, lol.
-San, our cats love Molly's dog beds and her crate as well. They have always ignored the cat beds I've bought them.
Cats are selfish devils! lol
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