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What is This?

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From what I can find on the internet it is called "Bird's Nest Fungi". I can't find that it's harmful to pets? Thankfully mine don't eat it but do lay in it. But I am concerned because we will be having the 14 week old puppies here for a sleepover again and they DO eat it??

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Never heard about anything like that. I'd keep your poochies way from it just in case.

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I thought these the cutest and coolest living things when I took a course in Mycology many moons ago. The professor didn't mention anything about their being poisonous. At the following link, Bird's Nest, they are said not to be poisonous. Here's a closeup photo.
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I don't imagine they'd be very tasty so maybe the dogs wouldn't even be tempted. But if there's any doubt best keep them away.

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