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What is this white stuff

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This is the first time Moses,Clyde & Eve have ever seen or been in snow Clyde was not sure what he was stepping on Moses loved it, Eve well nothing phases her. Eve is first out then Moses and as it normally goes Clyde is the caboose..... OH by the way Im the big dog that they lead around :D
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Wonderfully pictures!

Janice and little Ruby
I love these! Murray loved the snow from the first time he saw it, and he still does-In the summer he walks like a snail, but in the snow, he runs and pulls us along-

I guess this is not a typical winter in alot of places-
For some reason, my girl Tess adores the snow and thing we don't have in common...she would stay out in it all day if I let her...she's kind of a gimpy old lady...the rescue we got her from didn't tell us she had spondylosis until after we adopted her and her front legs look more like corkscrews every day on top of that...but despite her trouble getting up the steps and sometimes just getting up...take her out in the snow and she has actually been known to frisk and prance...even climb snowbanks now and previous dog was the same way with the snow, although he was an Australian Terrier...I write it off to their moms reading them too many Jack London stories when they were puppies ;)
My little pack enjoys the snow, too. But I've never seen a dog that enjoys the snow as much as this one:

Bailey in the Snow
Wow that video was interesting. :blink: It would freak me out for my dog to be covered in snow...I'd be afraid that they'd smother or something... :huh:

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