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The small(ish) rescue that placed B. Basset with me is having some challenges with municipal authorities. They are wondering if they will have to move and how to arrange it. I'm wondering if they will have to close. Anyone know in a situation like that what usually happens with the fosters?

I took B. on knowing I probably wasn't going to be in a position to have a dog this Fall because of work/travel. He's not going to be easy to place as he's got some issues. However the good news is after spending an hour with the trainer today he is deemed okay to start having regular controlled exposure to other experienced dog people to reinforce his new less fearful view of the world and handling!

This first venture of mine in to rescue fostering has certainly had some challenges! The love of a wonderful basset, my first full basset hound has certainly made it as my guy friend says 'one of life's joyful misadventures". Watching B. Basset bloom and recover emotional has certainly been worth it and will continue to be.
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