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Do you know about House of Puddles? It's a retirement home for old bassets that no one else wanted. Old bassets can cost a lot! Vets, shots, beds, pills, treats! So... Kristi Buckley is doing an Easter fundraiser for House of Puddles (thanks Kristi!).

Kristi is offering her famous DogDiva Gourmet Dog Treats in Banapple Peanut Butter Twist flavor. She says no basset can resist these--just ask her basset, Hannah!

Kristi will be taking orders through March 14, 2008.

Treats are being offered in 2 sizes:
16 treats for $5.95
24 treats for $7.95
Shipping info:
1 Package of treats = $4.75 shipping
2 Packages of treats = $7.00
3 packages or more, email Kristi for a quote.
Whole wheat flour, baking powder, peanut butter, apples, bananas. Kristi says, "if you care to take a bite go ahead - there's nothing scary in these cookies!"
Ordering info:
You can e-mail your order to Kristi at [email protected] - please make the subject of your email "HOP Treats."

Or you can order online, at
Payment info:
Kristi accepts PayPal and checks. PayPal address, [email protected]

All proceeds will go to House of Puddles.

We all need to fill our Easter bassets, don't we?!

p.s. Good for Passover, too!
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