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What does your basset smell like (on a good day)?

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Had the epiphany that I think he and his ears (on good days) smell like fritos or doritos or something like that... :p curious about other's thoughts on the subject.
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Definitely a corn chip. If Mortimer gets upset, he starts smelling like an hardboiled egg.
hahahaha!!! Annie used to smell a bit houndy or much like an open bag of Fritos alot, especially during hotter months. Once I started giving her a few scoops of Activia per week, no more houndy stink. (knock on wood!) I think the corn chip smell comes from a build up of yeast on their skin and ears, the probiotics in the yogurt seems to keep that in check.
ewww mortimer... i just got that...

i can lay some bombs myself. not very ladylike, but what'r you gonna do
Lucky for us ours don't stink unless they've been out in the sun. Then they just smell like sweaty dogs. It doesn't really smell like corn chips to us. The worse part though is when they're gassy. Then they can clear a room!
I read somewhere that the hound stink is something to do with oils on their skin and regular dog shampoo can make it worse. Owen hasn't started to smell like corn chips or anything else yet. Might be he never will, but if he gets too stinky I will go looking for some oatmeal shampoo.
Frito corn chips, definitely. I keep his bedding washed and use Frebreze on the furniture, which helps the inside environment. I don't bathe him as much as I used to, either, although he is getting a spring bath.
Definitely Fritos. I really don't mind it. I find the smell comforting.....I'm weird I know.
Fritos when they're warm (little Winston is starting to have that smell sometimes). Just like you, roscolaylamommy, I kinda don't mind it.
When I was looking at taking an adult Basset because the owner didn't like the drool, shedding or smell and the lady was going on and on about this dog smelling like corn chips and how much she hated it all I could think is "But corn chips are tasty and smell good..." Seriously, there are worse things to smell like.
That's weird *lol* Bowser just smells houndy after he has a walk. I take a damp cloth and dab some good smelling stuff on it before bed EVERY night, so most of the time he smells really good : ) I also clean his ears out a couple times a week (it's very humid here) and try to keep them dry. I think he'd be delish if he smelled like fritos! hehe
Corn chips for sure. Whiskey also gets a little like overcooked (but not burnt) popcorn.
I read somewhere that the hound stink is something to do with oils on their skin and regular dog shampoo can make it worse
It is the oil itself but the bacteria and yeast that feed off of it that is the source of most odor. Keep in mind some bacter and yeast on the skin is normal and th imune system normally keeps them in check. but thinks like allergies, seborrhea deeper skin fold and the like can create an in blanace and allow the yeast and/or bateria to proliferate,

While it is poissible that over bathing with a harsh shampoo could dry out a dogs skin causing it to release more oils to hold in moisture. which then becomes even more food for bacteria and yeast this is rarely what happens.

Frequent shampoos are the mainstay in treating many dernalogical condition revoling around odor, bacteria and yeast. It is best if the shampoo is ph balanced for a dog 7 rather than a human 5 but provided it is rinsed well . That is the secret to prevent the skin from drying out Rinsing the dog well until all traces of the shampoo are removed. If this is done there is little likelihood a shampoo would lead to excessively dry skin. Using a medicated shampoo and leaving in contact for at least 15 minutes can dramatical reduce the bacteria/and or yeast population on the skin resolve odor issues for a longer period of time. Grooming aid ie doggie wipes, hound glove etc can remove excess oil and some wipes also contain antimirobial agents that help keep yeast and bacteria in check. There a medical/dermalogica issues that can only bew resolved through frequent bathing like seborrhea which basset are more prone to than the average dog.

Notice the so callled hound odor fie. frito smell occurs and is stronger in those areas where yeas and bacteria tend to proliferate, ears, toes and skinfolds. it is not mearly coincidence,
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OMG...I thought I was weird in thinking Woody's paws smell like Fritos...I still love and kiss on them (yes his paws) and tell him I should have named him Frito Pie.....

The vet gave me some special shampoo when he is itching that doesn't really have a smell and the groomer gave me this wonderful shampoo with conditioners that smells like baby it

But I too love his Frito smell and his drool and to a lesser extent his shedding makes him,- him.....and I get so much from him....:D

Woody's mom
Porter smells like warm stale corn chips... it used to drive me crazy when I just adopted him but I think I have grown to enjoy it :)
If I close my eyes and concentrate, I can conjure up that houndy aroma from memory.

Fragrance of Basset Hound, it's heaven scent!

RIP Lucy ATB Oct. 09
Right now ,with Esa being pregnant she smells like good ol'ripe hound dog. I think it could be the hormones.
ha ha... glad i asked and thx for the replies. heavenscent, that is hilarious that you can "conjure" up the smell!

that was very validating and glad others feel like it's Fritos or corn chips. like you, i :wub: the Fritos smell on Worm. surprised to learn that's what people consider the "houndy" smell? errr... i thought they were referring to something else, tho i didn't know what. something worse.
Actually, the fritos isn't the houndy smell ,the houndy smell ,is ,lets see, how can I describe it,the houndy smell is an obnoxiously bad odor that permeates the surrounding area with a dog house,wet doggy,rolling on the ground kinda smell.It stinks and no one I know finds it pleasent in any manner. I want to bath Esa but her belly would get stuck on the tub so I just have to put up with it ,or use a dry shampoo till the pups get here. I wish she smelled like fritos.
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