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What does your basset give you for mothers day?

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Over the years, Ruby gives me a funny card and she usually leaves something in the yard for me too.

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Winston gives me bunch of drool and slobber.
And Henrietta usually write a poem of protest or try lobbying for more treats for the following year. :lol:
George seems to feel that HE is my Mother's Day present and I should just be thankful to have him around and not expect anything else. :(
A walk in the park.
I got a card with a picture of a basset with a large tongue it's lips with the words big kisses for the best mum in the world!!!!!inside it said you a one in a million all our love toria(human daughter) callie(chow daughter) and Menna(you guessed it basset and baby daughter).I know who choose the card I think?
I got a card with a picture of a cat on the front. Inside the Hounds had written "Mum...MUM! Can we have one of these?" and two paw prints. I think they meant for lunch, not as a pet...!
This Mother's Day will be a range of different emotions for me. It's the first one without my Maggie Mae. I celebrated 14 Mother's Day's with her. Over the years she gave me Godiva chocolates, flowers and I think one of my favorite gifts was when my Husband made a huge stepping stone with her pawprint in it. It have it on the shelf in the den with some other things of hers. When I really miss her I can put my hand over in the stone and "feel" her big fat paw! It feels good.

Also, it's the first Mother's Day with Rusty & Stickers. So I'll have to wait and see what these crazy kids have in store for me!!
Lots of love and kisses - everyday is Mother's Day! :D

Terry 8)
This year I got more than poop in the yard from Ruby!!

I got EXACTLY what I wanted: a new clipper tool for arthritic hands to cut my roses (which are beyond gorgeous by the way), a new curly hose and a new watering spogot thing on the hose.

Honestly, this is what I wanted and needed so I wouldn't have had to get them myself.

Isn't my Ruby sweet? :D
Since George can't go shopping, I decided what he was going to get me for Mother's Day was a new drum kit, so I picked it out and ordered it on Saturday. :D
I got lots of cuddles from Daisy Jayne, and she chewed on Daddy's toes instead of mine while he was on the phone with his Mom! :lol: For once she didn't chew on MY toes!

DH gave me flowers, my oldest son made me a little jewelry box in Scouts, and paper flowers in a brilliant blue pot. My youngest son made me a cookbook; his contribution was "My mom makes pizza with pizza sauce and pepperoni. She puts cheese on my brothers (sic). She cooks it in the oven for 20 hours and it's very good". :p Aside from putting cheese on his brother and cooking it for 20 hours, that's actually pretty close.

All in all, a very good Mother's Day! Hope everyone else had an excellent day, too!
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