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Jake goes in for his check up and shots on Saturday- He's been on Temaril- P for allergies- which has prednisone in it-for a couple of months- He is on just a tiny amount because I weaned him down as quick as I could- He gets 1/2 tab every 2-3 days- but if I try to let it go longer he starts scratching and sneezing- My concern is is it safe to give vaccine when they have been on prednisone? I called the vets office and he said it was perfectly fine (and I do trust him) but I'm always nervous around shot time- The funny part is- parents have the same concerns giving vaccines to babies- and I never hesistate to encourage them to get the baby shots - I'm such a wuss!!
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I have heard from a couple of vets that vaccinations can exacerbate allergies. I had one older dog with severe allergies, his vet said in no uncertain terms "No more shots!".

I am not anti-vaccination, but I don't believe that they need to be done annually, I do my hounds every three years. They do still need their annual check-up.

Do you know what he is allergic to? Have you tried playing around with his diet? Nutrition can often make a BIG difference with allergies, but it takes a fair amount of experimentation to find out what works for a particular dog.
U R not a wuss! These houndies R our children. Tummy is due for that shot they give before waddles. Can't think of the name ( something like a brothel name) :oops: . Tummy is having same issues- no improvement. So holding off on his injection too. Thinking of U. Hugs from Tummy. Tummy Boy's Mom . :) .
I stopped his Temaril a week before- I had gotten it down to an extremely low dose- However- the day after his shots he started paw gnawing and broke out in an itchy rash within about 72 hors. He is back on Temaril- P at the higher dose again. I asked the vet if it could be the shots but she kinda shrugged and said not likely - it usually is more severe and starts within 24 hours of the vaccines. Course- now I don't know what to think or do next year...
The concern about steroids and vaccines is that the steroids may suppress the immune response to the booster. So it's not a danger, per se, like a drug-drug interaction, for example--more of a possible interference.

I have a gal that's been on qd or qod po steroids since she was about 8 years old. I used to worry that they would shorten her lifespan by a year or two, but I was willing to make that trade for significant improvement in her quality of life. She had her 15th birthday in April and is still alert, active, and interested in what's going on around her. Just goes to show you, you never know...:D
Who would think of putting steroids in a basset hound.
The steroids are used to treat certain medical conditions- such as severe allergies - it's often used in respiratory conditions as well... and sometimes for lymphomas or other cancers. It is an anti inflammatory- so an excellent medical tool in come instances.
Gee, you may be thinking of anabolic steroids, the kind that body builders abuse. Not the same as the types that are used for therapy.
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