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Pw. Clemmie bawkin' in. As you know, I am working my widdle pawsies to the bone as basset hostess of ABC's 2004 Wonders of the World Waddle. I am a southern girl; the nice folks at Basset Hound Rescue of Alabama saved me from jail, and sent me up nawf...where I am adapting to the crude ways of nawfern life. We think my old people gave me up 'cause my kidney's don't work so well, but boy, have I showed them. Last year, I was diagnosed wif a form of kidney disease. I think the she-slave thought I was going to visit Lady Bea at the Bridge. Boy, have I showed them. Almost a year later, I'm still woofin' away, better than I have every been.

Thanks to the kindness of rescue, and the spoiling of my slaves, I am going into territory that the other houndies at Chez Lucas have not yet tread upon. I'm beggin' for pledges to take wif me to ABC's Wonders of the World Waddle. Pleadin' no less. You see every year, the slaves write checks to lots of different rescues, including ABC. The she-slave donates basset crap for pawction, but we've never asked for pledges. Unfortunately, where the she-slave works, is not conducive to begging. This year-ABC needs lots of people to beg. ABC has spent over $8,500 in vet bills since January. Now, for the bigger rescues, that may not sound like much, but for a small rescue like ABC, that's like whoooa, a nickzillion dollars. So, the she-slave & I thought we'd have to do more than just write out a check for ABC, so woof, here I am.

The she-slave is lacking in the creativity depawtment, but we have something we'd like to give folks in return for supporting me, Clemmie. It's not much, but I am proud of the she-slave for trying! For a $5.00 pledge you will recieve a BEA-utiful basset keychain made up of a Peruvian basset, along with an assortment of colorful beads. For a $10.00 pledge, you will recieve the keychain, and a lovely basset charm pin, made up of dangling basset charms, intermingled with other charms (there are 3 styles-my favorite is the "Clemmie Crown" pin-made of up bassets & crowns). For a $15.00 pledge you will recieve the keychain, pin and matching 8" charm bracelet (again, there are 3 styles). For a $20.00 pledge you will recieve the keychain, pin, 8" charm bracelet and corresponding earrings! For a $50.00 donation, you get BUFORD!! (Lisa here-Buford is not a donation incentive....Nice try Clem) The slave is in the process of taking pictures, so you can view the various styles and pick what is most suited to you. If you would like to see pictures, please email the slaves at [email protected]

As the program pawgresses, there may be some added incentives-possibly doggie visors and bandanas. The she-slave is fervently trying to master the new sewing monster she recieved as a gift 2 years ago. It just came out of the box-wifout an instruction manual. Rumor has it she almost took off one of her nails wif the needles. She is waiting patiently for the instruction manual to arrive. Really, how hard can it be to thread a sewing machine?

Now for the mumbo jumbo...woofs I gotta do...For those of you interested in donating, a check is preferred. Checks can be made out to ABC Basset Hound Rescue, Inc. They will be turned in the weekend of June 4th & 5th at ABC's Wonders of the World Waddle. As a 501 c 3 not for profit organization, your pledges are tax deductible. Paypal may be availible at a later day.

Checks made out to ABC Basset Rescue, Inc. can be sent to:

Lisa M. Lucas
417 Parma Center Rd.
Hilton, NY 14468

So please, send some pledges to me, Pw. Clemmie, to help my friends at ABC!

Yours in bassetude,
Pw. Clemmie
Basset Hostess
ABC's 2004 Wonders of the World Waddle
June 4th & 5th
Niagara Falls, NY
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