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I would like to see some of the opinions of my fellow basset hound lovers on what you like to feed your basset.

Please share what brand of dog food you feed your basset and how it has been beneficial to your pup![/b]

The big question given the limited knowledge there actual is about canine nutrition if any single dog food no matter how carefully formulated . With that uncertenty in mind a rotate between three food that have the basic composition I qant which is high protein and high fat. over 30% protein and as high a fat content as available. It is well documented that fat is a much better and matabilzed caloric source for dogs than carbohydrates which often are not digestable. Higher protein level have shown to limit/eliminate soft tissue injuries in dogs. Because these foods have a higher caloric content per cup and more easily digested you need to feed less IMHO in the long run they are cheaper to feed then less costly foods. The particluar brands at the time are Eukanuba Premium Performance, Nutro Hi Energy and Royal Canin High energy 4700
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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