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What Brand of Dog Food Do You Feed Your Basset?

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I know that dog food topics have been discussed generally throughout the board, however I would like to see some of the opinions of my fellow basset hound lovers on what you like to feed your basset. I will start first.

Me and Fred have had the dog food BLUES! It was very difficult to find Fred some food with great nutrition, without corn or wheat that he liked. He was having houndy odor problems, frequent pooping, along with soft stools because of the food he was eating.

Well, I switched him to Nutro Max and he liked it, but it was really busting my pockets real bad. Fred LOVES TO EAT and run, so paying over $40 for a 33lb bag of dog food was becoming expensive.

I finally found a dog food that he loves that does NOT contain the ingredients that would be bad on my dear boy Fred. Fred is NOW on Diamond Naturals - Lamb and Rice, which contains absolutely NO CORN OR ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS. For a 40lb bag, the cost was $26 WHICH IS WONDERFUL! :lol:

Fred loves it and his stools are small and firm, plus he doesn't poop as much (only twice a day).

Please share what brand of dog food you feed your basset and how it has been beneficial to your pup!
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Stickers has been eating Eukanuba Lamb & Rice for almost 2 years. She loves it. It's about $42 for a 35 pound bag. She get some pumpkin & green beans for lunch everyday. It helps her empty her anals. Rusty was on the same food but after a long bout with mucous covered stool and no end in sight, he is on Vet prescription food. He eats Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Diet. It addresses skin issues, irritable bowel & pancreatic problems. He LOVES it and also produces much less stool and it's smaller & firm!!! The down side :eek: is 37 pounds is $82!!!!!!!!!! He gets a small portion of fresh green beans and carrots for lunch just to fill his belly since I cut back the portion when he went on the Royal Canin. It's higher in fat.[/b]
Do you mix the pumpkin and green beans together and how much do you give her?
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